Watch: Ed Miliband’s Own Immigration Policy Sounds Like Amber Rudd’s ‘Foreign Workers’ List Plan

But after the emergence of the Miliband video, a Conservative spokesman told HuffPost UK: ‘It’s another case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ from a divisive Labour Party.

“Former Shadow Cabinet Ministers like Andy Burnham and Emily Thornberry were perfectly happy to defend Ed Miliband, but now want to ignore the will of the public and stand in the way of any action to make our immigration system work better for ordinary, working-class people.”

A new YouGov poll also today revealed that Rudd’s plans – to make firms publish what proportion of their workforce is non-British – was very popular across most of society.

Overall, 59% of people say they either strongly or somewhat support the proposals – more than double the 26% who somewhat or strongly oppose them.

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