Watch: Fury At Antisemitism Event As Momentum Vice Chair Jackie Walker Criticises Holocaust Memorial Day

Speaking at a Labour conference fringe, which was set up to train activists to challenge anti-Semitism, Walker also said extra security measures in Jewish schools in the UK were not due to fear of anti-Semitic attacks.

“I was a bit concerned… at your suggestions that the Jewish community is under such threat that they have to use security in all its buildings”, she said.

“I have a grandson, he is a year old. There is security in his nursery and every school has security now. It’s not because I’m frightened or his parents are frightened that he is going to be attacked.”

This was met with heckles from the crowd. One audience member said: “is ISIS going to attack your grandson’s nursery?”

To anger, Walker said also she hadn’t “heard a definition of anti-Semitism that I can work with.”

Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement Jeremy Newmark said he was “appalled” at Walker’s comments, and called on her to apologise or resign.

“I am appalled that somebody who has already caused great hurt and pain to so many Jewish people by promoting an anti-Semitic myth would come to a training session designed to help Party activists address anti-Semitism and use the occasion to challenge the legitimacy of the training itself”, he said.  

“To denigrate security provision at Jewish schools, make false claims about the universality of National Holocaust Memorial Day and to challenge recognised definitions of anti-Semitism is provocative, offensive and a stark example of the problem facing the Labour party today. 

“As Vice Chair of Momentum Jackie Walker has consistently failed to demonstrate any sensitivity to the impact of her words and actions upon the Jewish community.  She must now consider her position, show some sensitivity and contrition or resign.”

At the meeting on Monday the Labour activist denied she was looking to offend people. “I came here with an open mind and I was seeking for information”, she said.

“I’m not saying anything objectionable.”

In May Walker was readmitted to the Labour party after she was suspended earlier in the month over alleged anti-Semitic comments on Facebook.

In comments on the site she had written about Jews as “chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade”.

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