Watch: Labour MP Compares Putin To Hitler, Calls for ‘United Condemnation’ From All Parties

In an emergency debate on the conflict in Aleppo, Labour MP Mike Gapes called for cross-party condemnation of Putin’s support for Assad.

He said:

“In the 1930s there was a united condemnation of what the Nazis and their airforce were doing in Spain in support for a fascist regime.”

“Isn’t it time we had a united, unambiguous, explicit, direct condemnation of what Putin is doing in support of Assad in Aleppo at this moment, not just from the government but from the opposition benches unanimously?”

During the debate Andrew Mitchell told MPs that western air forces must be willing to confront Russian military jets in Syria to enforce a no-fly zone over eastern Aleppo.

The west has been criticised for lacking of action and leverage over Russia in Syria.

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