We Must Question The Wisdom Of GMB’s Endorsement Of Owen Smith

The ballot paper was accompanied by a letter from the General Secretary asking that GMB members vote with “their heads not their hearts” to decide who could best win the general election, and be next Prime Minister. Many members interpreted this as a nudge to support Owen, but if that was his intention, this arguably underestimates the challenge faced by the party. We have not won a General Election for 11 years, and even between 1997 and 2010 we lost four million votes. The party is marginalized in Scotland, and squeezed between Ukip and the Greens elsewhere. Notwithstanding the advances for working people made under the Blair and Brown governments, the savage judgement of the Chilcot enquiry casts a dark shadow over that era, and too many working people today feel their prospects are precarious, and that they live in a society and an economy that does not work for them, or their families.

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