We Need To Talk About Trump And Campaigners Need To Start New Conversations

It may seem incomprehensible that on 20 January 2017, President Trump will be handed the keys to the Oval Office but comprehend it we must because it will happen. There is an inordinate amount of chilling rhetoric to analyse from Trump’s successful campaign and it will be analysed and studied in the months and years to come. This analysis, reflection and assessment has already begun and for those of us who do not support Trump, this evaluation process is essential. Lessons must be learned in order to move forward. And from this analysis, the next stage of a campaign strategy must grow. The organisation and mobilisation must start. In professional campaigning circles, disengagement with the political process has been, in recent years, a major concern. But now people are engaged and exercised, emboldened and they are raising the roof. USA Today reported that voter turnout was up 4.7% with a record 46 million votes cast before Election Day. And voter turnout in the EU referendum was 72.2%. There are other, significant challenges that campaigners must now face.

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