Website CEO arrested on pimping charges

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The CEO of Backpage, a website that has been indicted of permitting ads for child sex trafficking, was arrested Thursday in Texas.

Carl Ferrer, 55, was arrested in Houston after alighting on a moody from Amsterdam, a profession ubiquitous of Texas announced. Ferrer was arrested on a aver from California, that charged him with pimping children and other counts.

In a corner investigation, California and Texas authorities pronounced they found that adults and children had been forced into harlotry by chaperon ads on Backpage.

“Raking in millions of dollars from a trafficking and exploitation of exposed victims is outrageous, inhuman and illegal,” California Attorney General Kamala Harris pronounced in a statement. “Backpage and a executives purposefully and unlawfully designed Backpage to be a world’s tip online brothel.”

Backpage is identical to Craigslist in that it allows users to post ads to sell equipment and services. The California aver claimed that Ferrer has famous for during slightest 5 years that his site is a “hub for a bootleg sex trade.”

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backpage ceo carl ferrer

Carl Ferrer was arrested Thursday in Houston.

According to a rapist censure filed in California, Backpage supposed during slightest $2 million a month between Oct 2014 and May 2015 in payments from people posting adult ads in California, including payments for postings that featured minors.

Texas charged Ferrer with income laundering.

“Making income off a backs of trusting tellurian beings by permitting them to be exploited for modern-day labour is not excusable in Texas,” Attorney General Ken Paxton pronounced in a statement.

The website did not immediately respond to a ask for comment. Its business practices and policies have been underneath scrutiny. The Senate hold a association in disregard of Congress in Mar after it refused to approve with a summons in a sex trafficking investigation.

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