Welsh-speaking or Not

Using the Welsh language as a way to get a reaction out of people can be deeply upsetting to those on the receiving end. Whilst it may have become perfectly acceptable in these Brexit times in some quarters to be openly racist, the reason so called “political correct” language was invented in the first place was to help to protect people on the receiving end of hurtful, undermining and bullying statements. In that sense, “political correctness gone mad” is one of the most damaging political mantras around because it gives permission to people to hurt and to hate, all in the name of freedom of speech. Now more than ever in my lifetime, I see the use of the language we choose to use, and the way in which we debate the most difficult and divisive political topics needing more care than ever. It’s time now for less anger, more care and kindness from all of us on social media and in the real word and an end to media “trolling”, please.