What Does Trump Mean For Women? Don’t Despair

There is only one appropriate response – to feel anger, not despair, and to organise. In the UK the prospect of leaving the European Union and the single market led my organisation, the Fawcett Society, to launch the #FaceHerFuture campaign – a coalition of over twenty women’s rights and equality organisations. We are calling for no going back on women’s rights and a progressive agenda post-Brexit setting the ambitious challenge to make the UK the best place to be a woman. This will be a marathon not a sprint as the Brexit process plays out. We have to be strategic, united and resilient. That is not unusual in the fight for women’s rights. Sometimes it helps to consider our history. Looking at the suffrage movement in the UK it experienced many setbacks. There were repeated attempts to secure the vote and repeated disappointments before the first votes for women were won in 1918 (universal suffrage followed in 1928, 62 years after the campaign began).

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