What subsequent for a post-Arianna Huffington Post?

Arianna Huffington stairs down from HuffPo

Jared Grusd has been arch executive during a Huffington Post for about a year now, though late final month, he sounded some-more like a company’s proprietor hype man.

“It’s infrequently pronounced of one of my favorite poets, Walt Whitman, that he would have desired a internet,” Grusd wrote in a memo to staff. “I can’t infer it, though I’m assured he secretly would have desired HuffPost — a passion, a relentlessness, and a welcome of a new and a unknown.”

The memo, that ran for some-more than 900 words, was patrician “Our open road.” But it was sent during a time when it feels some-more like a Huffington Post is during a crossroads.

AOL, a Huffington Post’s primogenitor company, was bought final year by Verizon, that in spin bid to acquire another vital digital property, Yahoo, progressing this summer. (The latter bargain is still pending.)

And, for a initial time given it launched some-more than a decade ago, a Huffington Post is though an editor-in-chief. The site’s owner and namesake, Arianna Huffington, stepped down as a tip editor in Aug to concentration on a stirring lifestyle venture.

Grusd pronounced a association is in a early stages of employing a new editor-in-chief, and that there’s no calendar to name one. Both inner and outward possibilities will be considered.

Internally, HuffPost Washington business arch Ryan Grim and editorial executive for lifestyle Kate Palmer are believed to be a many expected contenders for a position.

But Grusd, who is heading a employing search, took emanate with a idea that a blank left by Huffington acted a biggest unanswered doubt for a site.

“That implies that broadcasting starts and ends with one person, and we don’t consider it does,” Grusd told CNNMoney in an talk progressing this week.

Staff members contend they have felt small change in a arise of Huffington’s departure. When she launched a site in 2005, a Huffington Post was suspicion of as a magnanimous answer to a Drudge Report, a online news aggregator that has prolonged been a must-read for conservatives. The site has given developed into a bone-fide news classification with reporters around a world.

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Huffington’s purpose in open life morphed over time, as well, as she she went from a strident voice on a left during a George W. Bush presidency to an preacher for healthy living. Her preference to leave a Huffington Post to concentration full-time on her corporate wellness company, Thrive, reinforced that transformation.

But while Huffington herself competence have grown reduction partisan, a site did not. HuffPost has granted copiousness of critique and hoax of Donald Trump during a 2016 campaign. Initially, a site placed all coverage of Trump in a party territory before tweaking a policy. All stories on a Trump debate are now placed in a politics section, though they’re appended with a disclaimer that calls a Republican hopeful a “a sequence liar, prevalent xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther” who “regularly incites violence.”

Don’t design a rebranding underneath new leadership. In his memo final week, Grusd summarized a new goal matter in that he described a Huffington Post as “the world’s premier on-going media platform.”

“We are extreme and fun,” a goal matter continued. “We assistance people lead improved lives, make some-more sensitive choices and conclude their possess identities and communities as they see fit. We tell stories and emanate practice that matter, by resplendent light on law and exposing absurdities and lies. We trust in a wholeness of tellurian rights and a energy of bargain and appreciating a differences. We quarrel a good fight. We will be a heading source of news and explanation for a many different and connected era ever.”

Grusd told CNNMoney that, for all of HuffPost’s other offerings, “news and politics is during a core of what we do.”

huffington post newsroom

“We are during an implausible duration of time to have a rarely differentiated indicate of perspective in a news and politics landscape,” he said.

Grusd assimilated HuffPost final summer from Spotify, a streaming song company, where he served as tellurian conduct of corporate growth and ubiquitous counsel. “I trust really deeply in journalism,” he said, “but we also trust in product and video.” At an all-hands assembly final month, a initial given Huffington stepped down, Grusd urged HuffPost employees to try new things.

“This is loyal opposite all aspects of HuffPost,” he told CNNMoney. “We’re experimenting all a time with new product and features.”

As an example, Grusd pronounced that HuffPost will betray a campaign-themed diversion in a entrance weeks that will be played by iMesssage.

By many metrics, HuffPost stays a digital powerhouse. In August, it had 55 million desktop visitors, a second largest tellurian assembly for that month. HuffPost also consistently has a top rendezvous rate on Facebook, according to Newswhip.

But a doubt there is unfit to ignore. Some staff members are secretly concerned about Verizon’s merger of Yahoo, wondering what it will meant for them. (Grusd pronounced he’s “very optimistic” that HuffPost and Yahoo will exist in unison with any other.).

The detriment of Huffington competence be some-more mystic than practical, though it still leaves a site abandoned of a digital colonize with whom it will always be identified.

All that competence explain because Grusd was on such a goal to convene his employees final month. In his memo, he told staffers they were all “pioneers.”

“Behind each one of a accomplishments so distant is a pioneering suggestion — a faith in ourselves and in a significance of always relocating forward,” Grusd said.

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