What to do now if we possess a Galaxy Note 7

Samsung halts prolongation of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has finally killed off a fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

But there could be as many as dual million inclination still out there, according to analysts.

Here’s what we should do if we possess one.

1. Stop regulating it immediately, and switch it off.

2. Don’t recharge it.

3. Keep it divided from airplanes and trains.

4. Visit your internal Samsung (SSNLF) store, mobile provider or a sell opening where we bought a phone.

The preference to halt prolongation and sales of a smartphone was done usually a few hours ago, and Samsung has given small information about what owners can now design in terms of compensation.

But here’s what we know so far:

In a United States

You’ll be charity a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 corner in return, and a reinstate of any cost difference. Customers can also get a full refund.

If we confirm to sell a Note 7 device, you’ll also get a $25 present card, in-store credit, in-store appendage credit or check credit from some conduit sell outlets.

If we bought your Galaxy Note 7 from, we should call 1-844-365-6197 for information as to how to proceed.

In South Korea

Samsung will start exchanging Note 7 phones for other Samsung products, or a refund, on Thursday. The sell module will run until Dec. 31.

If you choose to barter your Note 7 for a opposite Samsung smartphone, we will also be given mobile vouchers value 30,000 Korean won ($27).

In a U.K.

Samsung’s website has nonetheless to be updated. It is still directing owners to an sell module charity deputy Galaxy Note 7s.

One Samsung store in London even had a Note 7 device on display, and charging, hours after a association warned owners to spin them off.

samsung note 7 on sale

— Samuel Burke contributed to this article.

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