Who else could be in Trump’s Cabinet

Steven Mnuchin

Co-chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management


Steven Mnuchin, who worked during Goldman Sachs for 17 years, assimilated a Trump debate as financial authority in May. These days Mnuchin is a Hollywood producer, putting out films including this past summer’s “Suicide Squad,” as good as “American Sniper” and “The Lego Movie.” His latest film, due in theaters this month, is called “Rules Don’t Apply.” Mnuchin has contributed to both Republican and Democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaigns and 2008 presidential run. He gave to Barack Obama’s Senate and presidential campaigns and to Charles Schumer, a new Democratic personality in a Senate. Mnuchin also worked with George Soros, a billionaire banker who has bankrolled magnanimous possibilities and causes — and who was decorated as a knave in Trump’s final debate ad. In 2009, during a genuine estate collapse, Mnuchin led a organisation that bought unsuccessful subprime lender IndyMac for pennies on a dollar.

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