Why Disabled People Should Support Jeremy Corbyn

Open Letter issued by Linda Laurie and Jan Pollock, Co-Chairs of the Disabled Socialists for Jeremy Corbyn Group

Thankfully, Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour Party leadership election when the results were announced in Liverpool last Saturday. We urged our disabled friends and colleagues to vote for Jeremy in this election because he was the only true anti-austerity leadership candidate with a socialist economic policy that will end Tory cuts and bring true equality across the UK. He has repeatedly demonstrated his support for Disabled People by voting to defeat Tory welfare cuts to our benefits. Under his leadership, Labour forced the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith – architect of benefit cuts started under New Labour. Jeremy was the only leadership candidate who pledged to reinstate the Independent Living Fund closed by the Tories. He is supported by and has an unblemished record of being shoulder to shoulder with Disabled People against the Cuts, which has campaigned relentlessly against welfare cuts.