Why Nicolas Sarkozy Wants To Reverse The Brexit Vote

What Sarkozy is showing is a long-term vision of what a modern and refreshed European Union could look like. Sure, it is HIS vision only, but so far no other European leader or politician has come with anything new to offer to make the EU work. In the contrary, all the discussions and speeches from all sides of the political spectrum have been full of the same old rhetoric: “We must change the EU”, “We must reform the EU”, “We need a new project”, “Brexit must be a wake-up call for us all”, etc. The only alternative voices and comments we have heard since the EU referendum result have come from nationalists and far-right political parties across Europe, the likes of Nigel Farage, UKIP and Marine Le Pen, claiming victory and wishing for only one thing: The end of the European Union as soon as possible.
If three months after the British EU referendum result “Brexit means Brexit” still means nothing today in London, it is regrettable to see that Brexit means “same old Europe” in the 27 other European capitals. No one has come with a plan to move the EU forward. No one, but Nicolas Sarkozy.

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