Why This Week’s PMQs Proves The SNP Have Executed A Total Tartan Takeover At Westminster

A party that less than two years ago only held six seats in the House of Commons today showed how fast it has managed a ‘tartan takeover’ and is for some becoming the real opposition to Theresa May in Parliament. 

The SNP dominated Prime Minister’s Questions today, commanding up to no less than 10 questions from seven of their now hugely-swelled cohort.

That put them level with Labour, including the six questions given automatically to Jeremy Corbyn in his official capacity as Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition.

Questions asked by parties at PMQs: 

Conservatives – 14

Labour – 10

SNP – 10

Ukip – 1

SNP MPs took May to task on a range of subjects, including Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration, bullying on social media and a potential peerage for Nigel Farage

They were headed by the party’s newly-elected deputy leader, Angus Robertson, who asked whether the Government would carry on implementing a “chaotic and dysfunctional” Brexit stratergy. 

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