Will EasyJet pilots strike over fatigue?

What is a low-cost carrier?

Pilots during one of Europe’s biggest airlines are so sleepy they might be about to go on strike about it.

EasyJet (ESYJY) pilots voted Wednesday by a outrageous infancy to take industrial action, according to their union, a British Airline Pilots’ Association.

The organisation pronounced 88% of a members during easyJet took partial in a ballot, with 96% voting in preference of some form of industrial action.

Under U.K. law, workers intent in a brawl contingency be asked either they support strike action, or movement brief of a strike, or both. The pilots’ organisation did not contend what was on a ballot, nor did it yield sum of a result.

But in a notation to pilots leaked to the Daily Telegraph progressing this month, a organisation called for strike action.

Pilots are disturbed about operative longer hours given new EU laws on moody time boundary came into force in February.

EasyJet has done a final notation offer to a pilots to solve a dispute, a kinship said. The pilots will cruise it on Thursday, and no strikes or other intrusion have nonetheless been planned.

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Easyjet (ESYJY) is Britain’s biggest airline and a vital actor in a European market. The low-cost airline carries 55 million passengers per year, handling on 600 routes opposite 30 countries in Europe.

The pilots’ organisation says tired has prolonged been a regard for pilots, who now perspective it as a biggest singular hazard to moody safety.

It says crews are being done to work longer and harder given a new laws took effect. It’s also stating some-more cases of prolonged tenure illness associated to tired and burnout, as good as an increasing direct for partial time work.

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