Will Sarkozy Go for Frexit?

Nicolas Sarkozy, remember him? The guy who left office mired in allegations of fraudulent overspending , receiving money from Colonel Gadaffi in 2007, wire- tapped by the French authorities, and reports of rallies with backstage dressing room as big as “apartments”. Sarkozy manages to singlehandedly combine the dodginess of Nixon with the lavishness of Liberace. Now he’s back for his for his reunion gig, a tribute act to his right wing premiership, and is again attempting to court Le Front National vote ahead of France’s Presidential Elections next year. Post brexit and with the recent spate of terrorist attacks across France, Le Front National are a resurgent political force and are calling for Frexit. Will Sarkozy, ever the political opportunist, be able to resist the temptation to call for a referendum?

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