Zuckerberg lays out Oculus’ long-term VR plans

Take a VR outing to Yosemite National Park

Oculus has laid out desirous skeleton for a destiny of practical reality.

Soon, it says, you’ll be means to strech out and hold things in VR, snap selfies and locate adult with family members all within a VR environment.

At a Oculus Connect developer discussion in San Jose on Thursday, a Facebook (FB, Tech30)-owned association demoed a array of new collection entrance to a Oculus height in a months ahead. It also announced some-more sum around a Oculus Touch palm controllers.

The controllers, that will be used alongside a practical existence headset Oculus Rift, will be labelled during $199. Pre-orders start on Oct 10 and start shipping on Dec 6.

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But maybe a many sparkling partial of a eventuality was a deeper demeanour Oculus supposing into a some-more amicable VR future. Wearing an Oculus Rift headset, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off what it would be like to be ecstatic to his home in real-time to revisit his dog, Beast. He phoned his mother Priscilla Chan (via a video call) and a 3 took a organisation print within a VR environment. Zuckerberg after posted it to Facebook.

While socializing in VR is now limited, a association is rolling out a Rooms and Parties underline where we can correlate with adult to 8 others while wearing a VR headset. You’ll shortly be means to customize your avatar, too, so others can brand we in a practical world.

The Oculus height now supports a ability to pierce around a vast space while in an enthralled sourroundings — sensors for that knowledge will cost an additional $79.

To uncover a loyalty to a technology, Oculus has already invested $250 million in VR growth and has affianced an additional $250 million toward development. It’s also investing $10 million for account to rise some-more Oculus collection and $10 million to account farrago programs for VR.

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The launch of a Oculus Touch controller and a serve investment follows a array of bungles from a company, including a delayed device hurl out, a high cost tab and new political controversy surrounding Oculus owner Palmer Luckey.

Oculus, mostly credited for igniting fad around VR with a record violation 2012 Kickstarter campaign, now directly competes with a HTC Vive and PlayStation VR in a efforts to move practical existence to a masses.

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