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Andrew Neil dismantles Scottish independence campaigner’s argument as complete ‘gibberish’

But the BBC Politics Live host hit back and said: “Very interesting. What source are you citing for Scotland being the second biggest exporter on the planet?

“And if it’s so big how come Scotland runs such a huge balance of payments deficit? Thank you in anticipation.”

Mr Johstone said back: “Well if yer talking about the GERS Figures Deficit they are FALSE Figures, we as only 8 percent of the Population have most Deficit, with over half the UK deficit, while England with the Biggest Population has the least only 8 percent of the Deficit which is always Unchallenged.”

But Mr Neil joked that if Johnstone was on “cooking sherry” and hit back saying: “By the way I asked, because you raised it, about Scotland’s balance of payments deficit. 

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