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Are these the six Cabinet Ministers plotting a MASS resignation over no deal Brexit?

Technically not a Cabinet minister, but attending Cabinet meetings, Energy Minister Claire Perry also warned no deal would be a “recipe for a catastrophic series of consequences”.

Speaking to Sky News last October, she added: “It’s also a way of crashing the economy and of doing great damage to our most productive industries.”

The Minister used her speech at the Sustainability Leaders Forum to assure sustainability professionals that she and her colleagues would do “everything we can” to avoid a no-deal, which has been heavily opposed by large sections of the green business community so far.

“Brexit is a huge drag on the corporate world,” Perry added. “Risk and uncertainty are never good for corporate leaders. This is why we have to get a deal as soon as possible and, be in no doubt, I think no deal would not be a happy outcome for the UK and we will do everything we can to avoid that.

“I urge sustainability professionals to think about the fact that this is a two- or three-year conversation about our relationship with the EU.

“What we are trying to solve is a 20-year relationship with the planet. We have got to go through our business plans, think through that uncertainty and consider the actions we are going to take to solve the problem in the upcoming decades.” contacted each of the ministers for comment.

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