BBC plan to scrap free TV Licence for elderly could force THOUSANDS of OAPs into POVERTY

“People in their late seventies, eighties and nineties are less likely than younger pensioners to have a private pension, especially if they are women, and by this time in their lives they may also have spent quite a lot of any of the savings they have carefully put by.

“These are the people who stand to lose out if free TV licences are scrapped: many of them living alone, disabled and coping with serious health problems.

“Unfortunately, the threat of pensioner poverty has not been vanquished in this country, in fact official statistics make it clear that after big advances at the start of this century progress has more recently juddered to a halt and gone into reverse.

“At Age UK we are deeply concerned that scrapping free TV licences will simply accentuate this trend, pushing up to 50,000 more pensioners the wrong side of the poverty line.

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