Brexit BOMBSHELL: Edward Heath’s ‘LIES’ about joining the EU revealed

Since the 2016 referendum, warnings that a no-deal scenario could have “catastrophic” consequences have been issued on a daily basis.

Today, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) claimed a disorderly exit from the EU would have a “profound, widespread and lasting” economic impact and would put thousands of jobs at risk.

However, during a debate with Labour MP Roy Jenkins, hosted by David Dimbleby in 1975, Tony Benn’s remarks appear to be in line with many Brexiteers of today, who are campaigning for a no-deal Brexit as they believe it will boost the British economy.

At the time, the veteran left-winger was campaigning against the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Community in the 1975 referendum.

The former peer hated what is now the EU and the Common Market, as he saw it as a “capitalist club” that would erode British public life and destroy jobs.

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