Brexit BOMBSHELL: Reason why Juncker’s Commission ‘UNCONCERNED’ by no deal risks revealed

The Daily Telegraph Brussels correspondent continued: “The key point of this is Ireland. They have nailed their colours to the mast of the backstop.

“They dreamt this up, and the European Commission, it was their idea initially. Theresa May accepted it, built on it, so she holds some responsibility for this as well.

“The fact is for the EU now, they’ve made such a big deal about this that to climb down – to fundamentally throw Ireland under the bus – would really call into question ‘why be a member at all.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel last week urged Brussels to seek “creative” solutions to secure a new arrangement between Britain and the EU, a demand later reinforced by German businesses warning about the consequences of a no deal. 

German firms have revealed they are panicking over the “fatal” consequences if the UK breaks free from the EU without a deal, which could trigger a “massive crisis” across the continent, according to industry chiefs.

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