Brexit LIVE: Rees-Mogg issues SAVAGE put-down to Japan’s interfering PM – tensions ERUPT

4.17pm update: Official admits: ‘There could be no other option’

Richard Corbett, a leading British Labour Member of the European Parliament (MEP), said: “It’s being discussed informally.

“There’s not been any formal proposal and indeed a proposal would have to be kicked off by the UK government, at some juncture.”

A European affairs minister from an EU government said the prospect of Britons having to hold a vote in late May to elect MEPs to a chamber they were still about to leave would be “mad politically, but legally we might have no other option”.

A second EU official said Britain had told the EU it had budgeted for an election that, without Brexit, would have been scheduled for Thursday, May 23.

4.14pm update: Brexit delay “could force Britain to take part in EU elections”

Britain could be left with “no other option” other than to participate in the forthcoming European Union elections if Brexit is delayed, experts have warned.

Britain is scheduled to quit the European Union on March 29, two months before citizens of the other 27 EU states elect a new European Parliament.

But with Prime Minister Theresa May looking unlikely to win British parliamentary backing next week for her EU withdrawal treaty, speculation is mounting that London will try to delay departure, creating a legal headache for Brussels.

One senior EU official said: ”We are looking into what this might mean, but there is very little that is clear, legally, and it depends on what Britain decides to do.

3.59pm update: Scottish Leave supporters being “airbrushed” out of the picture, says MP, as he urges colleagues to vote down May’s Brexit deal

Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson has urged colleagues to vote down Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday, claiming it would lead to the United Kingdom being “broke up by the back door”.

And he has claimed Scottish voters who backed the Leave campaign are at risk of being “airbrushed” out of the debate.

Speaking during today’s Brexit debate in the House of Commons, Mr Thomson said: “The number of people who voted Leave in Scotland is similar to the populations of those living in the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh put together, Scotland’s two largest cities, with over one million Scots having voted to leave the EU.

“Yet in both this place and the Scottish Parliament, they have been wholly represented and there is a growing frustration and anger among Scottish Leave voters that they have been airbrushed out of Scotland’s story by the narrative of some that Scotland voted to Remain.

“But I will not be airbrushed out of here.”

However, Mr Thomson stressed it was because he was a Scottish Unionist that he could not back Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement.

He added: “I will not stand by and allow our United Kingdom to be broken up by the back door.

“No Unionist can ever accept that.

“The UK Parliament cannot accept that, which is why MPs must vote down this deal.”

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