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Brexit SHOCK: How Greenland ‘showed May how to secure EU deal and SUCCESSFULLY leave bloc’

As Brexit uncertainty and chaos continues, Greenland’s lengthy departure, even if different, should have perhaps set alarm bells ringing that triggering a two-year timeline would not have been realistic.

Greenland became the first and only country to leave the European Economic Community (ECC), what was then the EU, by popular plescite, after a referendum was held in 1982.

As part of the Danish Kingdom, Greenland had joined the bloc in 1973.

However, not long after its entry, the country started fighting for its independence.

Former Greenland Prime Minister Lars-Emil Johansen, who helped lead Greenland out of the European Economic Community, recalled in 2016 how quitting the EEC had been a three-year-long process and provoked a political storm.

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