Brexit SHOCK: Theresa ‘will plead for another Brexit EXTENSION’ – ‘can we STAY?’

“I can see us on October 30, Theresa May going back to Brussels, cap in hand yet again, asking ‘can we stay until March 2020?’ The whole thing is absolutely preposterous.

“She went to Brussels, basically cap in hand but her hands tied behind her back at the same time. Brussels saw all of this, they saw the weakness of Theresa May.”

Mrs May had previously secured an extension to April 12 after she failed to have her withdrawal deal pass through the Commons twice. Following the first delay, she attempted to have MPs back the deal in a third vote but failed again.

Mr Evans also suggested the continued delay to Brexit may spark further resentment among voters – who will soon be casting their polls at local elections and, should the Government fail to secure a quick agreement, at the European parliamentary elections. 

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