Brexiteer reveals why EU have been ‘CALLOUS’ in Brexit negotiations

“It has really undermined Theresa May’s negotiating position.

“One of them even called her nebulous and she was forced to confront them about it.

“But I’m not going to sit here and blame it all on the European Union.

“Because our own Government has undermined our own negotiating position and our own Parliament has undermined our country time and time again.”

As the UK moves closer to March 29 and the date the UK will be leaving the EU by law, Brexiteers have been more reflective over the last three years and how successful Theresa May has been on negotiating with the EU.

Remain MPs in both Labour and the Conservative party have faced considerable criticism for attempting to “block”, “delay” or stop Brexit in its entirety, much to the outrage of Brexiteers.

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