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California man expresses regret over attending party in post day before he died of coronavirus

Fauci warns US could see 100,000 cases per day if coronavirus surge continuesVideo

Fauci warns US could see 100,000 cases per day if coronavirus surge continues

Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director, said the United States could see 100,000 cases a day if the coronavirus surge continues.

A Southern California man expressed his regret late last month over attending a party where he contracted the coronavirus in a Facebook post just one day before he died.

“Because of my stupidity I put my mom and sisters and my family’s health in jeopardy,” Tommy Macias of Lake Elsinore, east of Los Angeles, wrote in the post, according to KCBS-TV. “This is no joke. If you have to go out wear a mask and practice social distancing. Hopefully with God’s help, I’ll be able to survive this. Love you all.”

Macias wrote that he had “messed up” and gone out a couple of weeks earlier where he contracted the virus.


His niece, Danielle Lopez, said her uncle had gone to a party where no one wore a mask and ran into a friend who had tested positive for the virus but showed no symptoms. Macias didn’t know at the time the friend had the virus.

One day after the June 20 post the 51-year-old trucker was dead.

“I would never want anybody to have to experience the pain that my family is experiencing right now and it’s so easily avoidable if you just wear a mask,” Lopez said, according to FOX 11 in Los Angeles. “It was absolutely shocking. I wasn’t in the room when my mom got the call. I heard her cry out. I still don’t want to believe it.”

Macias, who had diabetes, died the day he went into the hospital, KABC-TV reported.


His family said before the party he had diligently worn masks and socially distanced for months, KCBS-TV reported.

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