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Coronavirus Heathrow Airport alert: United Airlines quarantined

He said: “All good. We’ve been asked to fill in a form that’s all. No people in chem suits have boarded! We’re about to deplane so I guess it’s all ok.”

Mr West, a chief development officer at PR agency Hotwire – who was on board the vehicle, said he knew something was wrong when he noticed fire engines drove to meet the plane shortly after they landed.

He told MailOnline: “We landed at about 9am and the captain came on the tannoy to say three was a suspected coronavirus patient on board.

“I think the passenger was taken right to the back of the plane, so I didn’t get to see what they looked like.

“We were told to stay sat until authorities came on board, and he [the captain] said that seven other flights had landed and had a similar situation.”

He said they were allowed off the aircraft after 25 minutes, while the sick person remained on the plane.

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