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Election watchdog issues warning to Tories following attempt to undermine Nigel Farage

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn has laid out his Brexit plan during a speech in Swindon, telling the crowd: “The Prime Minister appears to be in a jovial mood this morning.

“He’s obviously been doing somersaults because he’s changed his policy about six things already this morning so goodness knows what’s going to happen later in the day.”

Speaking about blocking a no-deal scenario, Mr Corbyn said: “We said no to no-deal, because Boris Johnson, Farage and all the others, with their threat of no-deal, the reality of no-deal is straight into the arms of Donald Trump.

“Straight into the arms of a free trade deal with the USA, with their powers of investor protection and their desire to take over our public services.

“We will not go down that path under any circumstances, our public services, our NHS, is not for sale to Donald Trump or anybody else.”

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