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Ex-Ireland leader reveals CUNNING plan to THWART Brexit and force UK into customs union

“There is not going to be a physical border across Ireland because if you tried to put it there you wouldn’t have to wait for terrorism to take it down, people would just physically pull it down – the ordinary people.”

The former Irish leader, who negotiated the inclusion of a future poll on a hard border during the Good Friday talks, argued there is little support for a hard border in either Ireland.

He continued: “To have a border poll, and even though I was the one who put it into the Good Friday Agreement, to have it in circumstances where there is not sustainability and there is not workability of the whole institution would be the wrong time to do it.

“The only time a border poll is worth having, when a sizeable number, whatever it is, it will never be huge, but a sizeable number of unionists and loyalists believe that they can join and share with republicans and nationalists in a new Ireland.”

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