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Fierce backlash as Ian Blackford labels Boris Johnson a ‘dictator’

“Mr Speaker, the Vote Leave campaign and Number 10 doesn’t care about rules. They didn’t care in 2016 and they don’t care now about the law.

“Mr Speaker, we must stop them, because the stakes quite frankly, are too high. The Prime Minister and his Vote Leave cronies are not above the law.

“The law must stop this dictatorship and Parliament must stop this Prime Minister acting like a dictator. Even the Prime Minister’s own ministers cannot trust him.”

Twitter users reacted to the comments, with one posting: “Ian Blackford, who just complained about the use of language in politics, refers to the Prime Minister as a ‘dictator’.”

Another said: “Ian Blackford calls Boris a dictator. The dictator who is letting parliament vote on whether the people should have a vote in an election. This is utter madness”.

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