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Marvel announces 'League of Legends' graphic novelsVideo

Marvel announces ‘League of Legends’ graphic novels

Gaming studio Riot teams with Marvel Entertainment to explore the origin stories of characters from the highly popular game ‘League of Legends.’

It’s no secret: Marvel is trying to conquer the universe. No, we’re not talking about the all-powerful Thanos of “Infinity War.” Marvel’s quest is for domination of the entertainment world, and they’re getting one step closer with their newest property acquisition.

The world’s biggest comic company has been increasingly branching out into the world of gaming, hoping to grab a big piece of the multi-billion-dollar industry. They’ve had mixed success so far, putting out popular game versions of titles like “Spider-Man,” along with more forgettable ones like “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  But now the company is reversing the process somewhat, teaming up with game studio Riot to explore the lives of characters from the hugely popular game “League of Legends.” But this time it will be in comic form, not video. The tentative plan is to release an initial graphic novel under the Marvel brand, focusing on the game’s long-range damage dealer Ashe. As a warrior, she sets out on a dangerous quest and needs to work as a young leader to save her people.


The book, titled “League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother,” will follow the origin of the archer who often serves as the mascot for the game. It’s due out in May and if it’s successful, it could lead to a longer series delving deeper into the backstories of the more popular characters. It’s not the first time Riot has delved into the world of comics, publishing several panels on its website focusing on various players. But the studio’s head of creative development, Greg Street, says “those were really helpful in figuring out the direction we are now committing to for our series with Marvel. We think comics are a great way to tell stories because they combine narrative text with artwork. We can show what a village in the frozen north of Freljord or what a ship looks like in a tropical port of Bilgewater.”

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