Frexit? ‘SICK and TIRED’ French fisherman RAGES at EU red tape – ‘BEGS UK to save his job’

“The British were fed up, but here in France we are as well.”

The French fisherman was confident the UK would want to negotiate a deal should Britain leave without a deal.

Mr Lepretre said: “Their production is not just consumed by the English, so they need to export.

“And to export, they need Europe. They can’t keep it all for themselves.”

When asked if he thought there would be an agreement, the French fisherman replied: “It certainly is a bargaining chip.

“We can say ‘you have the right to export to us, but we have the right to fish in your waters’.

If Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Bill is passed, it would grant EU vessels the opportunity to fish in British waters during the transition period.

But, if the UK leaves the EU without a Brexit deal, it could potentially block French fishermen from accessing UK waters after March 29 2019.

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