Gordon Brown DEMANDS Brexit pushed back a YEAR and claims ‘even Brexiteers want a delay’

When asked if this was the latest attempt to just stop Brexit, Mr Brown replied: “No, because Brexiteers themselves are coming out and supporting the extension.

“They know that the deal being negotiated is not a good deal. They know to go for no deal will not get the support of Parliament. We are finding that Brexiteers themselves want this extension.

“I am doing it, not to try to reverse the decision by an immediate referendum…the point I am making is, I am doing it because I believe the people need to be consulted on some of the deal.

“What would we do about immigration? What are we doing about sovereignty? Does the Norway option work for us? Does a Swiss option, a Canada option?

“I think people want to be given the facts… and this gives us time to do this.”

The EU claimed Brexit meetings this week were proving “difficult” after Michel Barnier held a meeting with Attorney General Geoffrey Cox and Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay to try to break the Brexit deadlock.

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