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John McDonnell admits he won’t be part of new Labour leadership team ‘We will all go’

Former Labour MP Anna Turley, who lost her seat in Redcar in Thursday’s election, has reiterated that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership lost the election for the Labour Party.

Ms Turley told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think it’s quite overwhelming, you have to listen to the people, that’s the first thing that we have to do.

“And for me, when you’re getting four doors in a row of lifelong Labour voters saying ‘I’m sorry Anna, I’m a lifelong Labour voter, I like what you’ve done, but I just can’t vote for that man to be prime minister’, I’m afraid that’s a fundamental barrier that we just couldn’t get across.”

Ms Turley said that Mr Corbyn was “absolutely” more of a reason than Brexit for her constituents voting for another party, adding: “In my constituency, even though it was a 67% Leave constituency, it was four to one the leadership over Brexit.

“I mean obviously the issues run deeper than that, the Labour Party is bigger than just one person, but the reality is there were issues around our perception around competence.”

Ms Turley added that while Labour’s manifesto had “a whole swathe of interesting things”, there were so many that “people were overwhelmed by them” and “people just didn’t believe we were the party that could deliver on any of it”.

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