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‘Knight’ wielding fake sword surrounded by armed police in Cardiff

A “knight” wielding a fake sword was surrounded by armed police after a concerned member of the public called 999 believing his blade was a real weapon.

Three officers from the firearms unit of South Wales Police confronted a man dressed in medieval clothes at Hendre Lake, in St Mellons, Cardiff, yesterday afternoon.

They responded to a call from an anxious onlooker who feared the “suspicious looking” knight was going to launch an attack with his 3ft blade.

But the tense scene quickly de-escalated when the firearm officers realised the suspect was actually just a “young man” who was carrying a toy sword while out exercising.

Mike James, 31, a medical technician, was walking with his wife Heather, 32, and three-year-old son Theo, when he witnessed the events unfold.

He said: “The whole thing was really surreal- he looked like something out of Assassin’s Creed. We saw this guy walking around in the knight’s outfit and carrying a sword.”

“The police ordered him to put the sword down and then they confronted him.They had a chat with him for a couple of minutes and apparently the guy told them he was trying out a new outfit and he was walking around the lake to get used to the weight.

“The armed police were good as gold and even had a picture with him afterwards before letting him go on his way.”

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