Lord Adonis fears Theresa May could hand Farage’s new Brexit Party a ‘HUGE GIFT’

“I think if there were European elections before we Brexit, I think this would be a huge gift to Nigel Farage and his party.

“Because, of course, most people regard it as absurd to be holding European elections when we might be leaving to EU and so his line of what we should do of ‘just get on with it’ would be overwhelmingly powerful.

“But, if as I hope, we end up staying. At that point, Nigel Farage’s party will become completely redundant.

“So the big issue for Farage’s party is if he gets to fight an election before Brexit is resolved. If he does I think he will do very well, if we as I hope, have a People’s Vote and we vote to stay in the EU, I think he will fade like the morning dew.”

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