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Nicola Sturgeon humiliation: Spain’s rejection of ‘dishonest’ SNP plan to join EU exposed

The First Minister’s plan also involved the Scottish Parliament getting some control over everything ranging from immigration to business regulation to international trade negotiations.

The document said this would allow Scotland to continue to mirror the business regime in the EU single market after Brexit.

However, she rejected a host of warnings that Scotland and England having different business and immigration regimes would inevitably lead to the creation of a hard border between the two.

Mr Toledo said of the proposals: “If the UK leaves the single market, the whole UK will leave the single market. There is only one negotiator, the UK government.”

Mr Toledo’s rejection of the plan came as a former adviser to the Scottish Parliament’s EU committee accused Ms Sturgeon of pursuing a policy that is “fundamentally dishonest” because she knew it had no chance of success.

The plans were also undermined by the warm welcome they received from Oriol Junqueras, the vice president of Catalonia.

He said: “The Scottish proposal shows that with political willingness everything is achievable. Europe will adapt itself to a ‘differential’ result for Scotland if this is requested by the British and the Scottish.”

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