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NJ woman calls 100-day coronavirus battle a ‘constant terror, ‘urges mask-wearing

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Dr. Nesheiwat: Science shows masks work, but it’s not the only solution

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A New Jersey woman who recently marked her 100th day battling COVID-19 detailed her experience on the “Fox News Rundown” podcast Tuesday, and emphasized the importance of face masks as cases continue to surge in various states across the country.

Ann Wallace, an associate professor of English at New Jersey City University, said she started experiencing chest pains this past March but attributed it to “anxiety” due to the newly imposed state lockdowns and subsequent chaos over the virus at the time, she explained.

Because of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, Wallace, 50, managed to secure a test for her and her daughter in late-March, after she showed flu-like symptoms, posing a risk to her immuno-compromised mother.

“It is such a roller coaster,” Wallace said of her experience since testing positive for the virus.


I have never had a cough. I’ve never had a fever. That has been consistent from day one. But, I’ve had shortness of breath. I’ve had low oxygen levels. I’ve had migraines and insomnia and tingling in my extremities,” she explained.

Wallace said the severity of her symptoms have varied by the day.

“Some days, I’m on my oxygen concentrator like I was this morning before I got this call with you because my oxygen was low,” she told podcast host Dave Anthony, “so I turned to my oxygen on and I got myself stabilized and now I’m OK. And then, tomorrow, I might not need it at all. Last week, I was in the E.R. for the fifth time.”

“I thought I was past this. I thought it was on the mend.”

— Ann Wallace, Fox News Rundown 

Wallace said the unpredictable nature of the virus was “a constant terror, because I never know when I might need to go to the E.R.”


She added, “I thought I was past this, I thought it was on the mend.”

Because of her extensive experience with the virus, Wallace said she found it “incredibly upsetting” and “a sign of disrespect” that some members of the public were not adhering to safety protocols, and choosing to forego their masks.

“I don’t think it’s tyranny. It’s safety, and I think people need to respect their own health and respect the health of those around them.”


Wallace went on to say that “just because you don’t think you’ve been infected, doesn’t mean you haven’t been. Anyone can be infected,” she asserted.

“Wear the mask, keep each other safe. We can do it collectively if everybody participates.”

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