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Paralympic gold medalist shares tearful video of being left stranded on train after guard failed to turn up with ramp 

A Paralympic gold medalist was left in tears on a South Western Railway train after the guard failed to provide a ramp so she could leave in her wheelchair.

Sophie Christiansen filmed her ordeal and posted it on Twitter. The video shows a fellow commuter holding the train doors open for her as she waited for someone to let her off the train.

Eventually, a guard came and brought her a ramp. She said: “I went home and I cried. It finally hit me that society is just not going to change to make services truly accessible. I will have to accept discrimination all my life.”

The champion horserider, who was travelling from London to Godalming, said she had made the train company aware she would need a ramp to get off when she arrived at her destination.

She told the BBC: “It’s always the general public helping me; I don’t know what I’d do without them.

“Without the help I probably would’ve ended up in Portsmouth at the end of the line because there is no real way for me to block the door to stop the train from moving.”

Ms Christiansen has been campaigning for some time for trains to have automated ramps so disabled people can disembark.

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