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PC GONE MAD: Woman furious after being fined £120 for feeding sausage roll to pigeons

“It’s is crazy to treat me the same as someone who throws litter on the floor.”

Ms Fenn then contacted the county council to complain.

She said: “I contacted the council and explained ‘this is crazy’.

“I said ‘if you told me I would have stopped.

“I was shocked.”

When Ms Fenn asked if she could appeal they said she would have to wait until the case proceeded to court.

So, the young woman was forced to pay the fine as she didn’t want it to go up to £150.

She added: “It’s the most expensive lunch ever.

“I’m not going back to Piccadilly Gardens, definitely not. I can’t believe it.

“I’m still angry about it. It’s upsetting how shocking it was, and how embarrassing it was, in front of so many people.”

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