Royal Navy sailors kicked off submarine after testing positive for cocaine

Launched in 1988, the submarine is designed to attack surface ships and performs a surveillance role using cameras.

Its Tomahawk missiles allow submarines to accurately strike targets on land from a range of about 1,000 miles.

The HMS Talent hit the headlines four years ago after she required £500,000 of repairs after striking an iceberg while tracking Russian submarines.

The MoD last night also confirmed that six Army soldiers from the Yorkshire-based 6 Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps have been removed from the ranks after testing positive for cocaine.

Their fellow regiment troops now face extra training, increased inspections and anti-drug lectures as a punishment, in a crackdown being led by a senior female officer nicknamed the Army’s ‘Iron Lady’.

Lieutenant Colonel Leila Green is understood to have started the crackdown after her regiment came near the top of a ‘league of shame’ for the most drug users relative to numbers of soldiers in each regiment.

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