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Shocking coronavirus chart unveils workers most at risk from COVID-19

BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg wrote on Twitter: “This is absolutely astonishing – Around 950,000 people have applied for Universal Credit since govt introduced ‘stay at home’, policy on 16th March – it would normally be about 100,000 over a fortnight.

“Worth remembering people on Universal Credit have lots of different circumstances, not everyone is out of work, DWP says they have moved 10k staff to help deal with the demand.

“But this is, no question, a sign of real economic stress for many, many thousands of people as a result of the virus.”

Because of the growing number of universal credit applications, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) put an extra 10,000 staff on the frontline to respond to requests and has urged applicants to apply online rather than jam the phone lines.

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