Soft Brexit BOMBSHELL: Economists claim ‘betrayal could spark SEISMIC political crisis’

Despite Mrs May’s opposition, Prisons minister, Rory Stewart, insisted there was nonetheless “a lot of common ground” between the parties, sparking fears among hardline Brexiteers that a soft Brexit could be on the way.

In 2018 book “Clean Brexit: Why Leaving the EU still makes sense”, authors and economists Liam Halligan and Gerard Lyons claimed that pursuing soft Brexit would eventually generate a “seismic political crisis” across Europe.

They wrote: “Since the general election in June 2017, many, mostly Labour Party, politicians have been calling for soft Brexit – combining single market membership with UK controls on migration from the EU.

“While sounding attractive, this outcome almost certainly is not available and, if the UK did manage somehow to achieve it after an extremely heated negotiation, it could spark seismic political instability across the EU, as populations in other member states demanded the same deal.

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