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Sophie Lionnet death: Nanny’s ordeal of ‘torture in the bath’

The simulated drowning was part of a brutal and relentless interrogation, the jury heard.

A witness overheard Sophie’s screams and “lots of splashing of water” as Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni attacked the 21-year-old in the bathroom of their home, said Richard Horwell, QC, prosecuting.

“The witness said he kept on hearing Sophie go under the water and that Kouider and Medouni would then say, ‘Breathe’.” The witness described Sophie “being subjected to violence, perhaps more appropriately described as torture”, Mr Horwell said.

The water torture allegedly took place the day before Kouider, 34, and Medouni, 40, extracted a video confession to a crime which never took place, the Old Bailey heard.

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