Thugs smuggling 44,740 guns and knives into courtrooms show brazen contempt for the law

Police figures show knife crime has risen by 68 per cent in four years, hospital data shows admissions for stabbings are up by 30 percent over a similar period.

It is critical police continue to focus on this crime, but we need to do something else to resolve the problem. 

This is where education and early intervention can play a big part in changing the belief that carrying a knife is acceptable.

Our founder, Brooke Kinsella, often states “no child is born carrying a knife, it is a learned behaviour”. 

If we want to stop knife crime, we must act earlier before bad habits are formed.

Education can change behaviours by helping young people to unlearn bad behaviours and understand the risk they run by carrying a knife. 

Our work shows how effective these types of interventions can be, helping young people to realise they are more likely to be stabbed with their own knife if they carry one. 

By changing mindsets, we can change behaviours, leading to young people making safe choices and, in some cases, turning their lives around. 

•  Patrick Green is CEO of the Ben Kinsella Trust

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