‘TIME IS SHORT!’ Barnier sends Brexit warning before Brussels showdown

Once again, Mr Barnier described the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal as a compromise between two sides.

But did admit Brussels had moved a long way from its original goals to allow an all-UK customs backstop.

He, however, admit any future changes will remain away from the divorce deal, which was agreed between the Prime Minister and her EU counterparts at a special summit last year.

Mr Barnier said: “Tonight I will repeat the EU’s positions, I will listen to what the Secretary of State has to tell us concerning the alternative arrangements which the UK would like, and for which we fixed the perspective in the withdrawal agreement and in the political declaration as a welcome concept.

“But it’s not more of concept today. I will also evaluate the interest from the UK side for possible changes to the political declaration, which, let me remind you, fixes the outline quite precisely for the future separation.

“I want to repeat in front of you, that if the UK wants to be more ambitious for this future relationship, then we stand ready immediately, as the Council of Europe has said, as the Parliament has said.

“I will also listen the Secretary of State’s analysis concerning the next steps by London.”

Mr Bettel argued that Brexit had exposed weaknesses in the Leave campaign, because its biggest supporters’ only answer is “no, no, no”.

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