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We WON’T back down! Brave UK fishermen send Macron warning

He added: “If the Government doesn’t want to stick up for Britain’s national interests, doesn’t want to obey international law to protect our waters. British fishermen will happily do it themselves.

“Let’s remember here, international law says nations coastal states will ensure sustainable fishing in their waters. That cuts two ways, one, you set management and catch limits to ensure that. On the EU side, that means they have got to cut their cloth to reflect the loss of their waters.

“Obviously, to fish sustainably it puts an obligation to not invade our waters. Plus they have got respect the sovereignty of nation-states.“

Only last year, in August, British boats clashed with French vessels in a feud dubbed the ‘Scallop war’, as trawlers collided and stones were thrown in a battle over a scallop-rich area, and warnings were made over potential fresh disputes post-Brexit.

But, responding to the leaked email earlier this summer, Mr Hastings insisted the UK had enough resources to protect British waters after Brexit.

He said: “At the end of the day, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, they manage, with equal or lesser resources to protect their waters, and you don’t see mass illegal fishing going on there.

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