Companies That Hire MBAs

5 Companies That Hire MBAs

A master of business administration, or an MBA, is a very useful one to have. If someone is looking to work in business or in management, this is a degree that can be very helpful. A recent survey carried out by the Graduate Management Admission Council shows that 86% of companies in the world will be hiring employees with new MBA degrees.

There are some wonderful companies that hire holders of MBAs. Many of them are companies that graduates want to work for, and there are good reasons for that. From technical companies like Google to entertainment companies like Disney, here are five companies that hire MBAs.

Google and Microsoft

Technical companies are growing rapidly in the United States, and as a result, they are hiring staff from a wide variety of backgrounds, including business. According to a survey done by CNN, Google is a company that everyone wants to work for, whether they have an MBA or not. Google is a business that is always growing, adding new jobs in a variety of fields, including business. Jobs for people who hold MBAs include working in sales and marketing, with several other jobs for the company as well. Another technical company that hires MBAs is Microsoft. Like Google, they don’t just hire people who code, they hire people who love technology and are passionate workers. Microsoft has MBAs working in marketing and sales, as well as in other parts of the company.

The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is a large one that is always growing and includes movies, television, parks, and a wide variety of other products and services. With such a wide variety of possible jobs anyway, it should come as no surprise that there are a wide variety of jobs for MBAs, including marketing, corporate work, and distribution of products.

An MBA can be achieved in the traditional way, but it can also be gained through an online program. An online MBA degree is just as valuable, and also allows you to work at your own pace. The masters in business administration online available from Rutgers Online, for example, gives you all the advantages of attending a school like Rutgers while giving students the ability to attend classes in a way that fits into their own schedules. An MBA, they point out can give you a competitive edge in many fields.

Deloitte and Goldman Sachs

Deloitte is a company that works in the financial and legal worlds, helping with auditing and other tax-related matters. They offer work in several parts of their company. According to an article from CNN, they brought in over two-hundred interns who were MBA holders and were looking to hire over four-hundred. With a wide range of legal and financial jobs, there are plenty of opportunities for work. Goldman Sachs is another company to consider.  Currently, they have many opportunities in the banking section of their company.

An MBA is a degree that can be very useful in a variety of fields.  From technology to entertainment, from business to finance, there are plenty of opportunities available to people with a masters in business administration.

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