LeLee Lyons of SWV and T-Boz of TLC Are Mad They Weren’t Invited to VH1 Hip Hop Honors

While many people enjoyed a outing down nostalgia line for this year’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors, that sought to respect “’90s Game Changers,” dual people who were on a stage in a 1990s were nothing too gratified to be left off of a honoree list: LeLee Lyons of SWV and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of TLC.

In a sparse move, LeLee got in her feelings and took to her amicable media to let a universe know that she did NOT conclude SWV not removing a container on VH1’s reverence to a ’90s.

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A post common by LeLee Lyons (@therealleleeswv) on Sep 18, 2017 during 4:13pm PDT

LeLee’s statement, that lashed out during vague people for benefitting from “payola,” “dick riding” and “popularity contests,” was immediately cosigned by her bandmate, Coco, who chimed in saying, “Say that shit sis!”

T-Boz, who was a vital opposition to SWV in her hey day, corroborated her former aspirant in Instagram, saying, “I feel you.”

Now I’m no Miss Cleo, though we consider a angst both of these ladies are feeling stems from a fact that Xscape perceived a large apportionment of a spotlight during a special as they sang their hits as a organisation and afterwards Kandi and Tiny came out to perform TLC’s strike strain “No Scrubs,” that they co-wrote.

But this jealousy, enviousness and sourness is extravagantly uncivilised and totally nonessential given that BOTH ladies’ groups have ridden new waves of graduation and nostalgia. SWV had a poetic quip finish with their possess reality show on WeTV a few years back. And TLC had a WHOLE-ASS TV film about their lives and impact atmosphere on VH1. So it’s not like these ladies haven’t been distinguished or concurred for their impact recently.

Xscape is carrying their year. They reunited for a initial time given their dissection approach behind when during a BET Awards this year, so it creates clarity that they’d be a concentration for this eventuality too. Besides, while VH1 sought to respect ’90s diversion changers, it didn’t explain to be nor did anyone design it to be an downright list of every artist who altered ’90s.

Jay-Z ran ’90s hip bound and he wasn’t honored. Did we see him throwing a hissy fit?

T-Boz’s function and appearance in this is generally nauseous given her organisation WAS honored, as Kandi and Tiny DRESSED UP in their correspondence as an loyalty to TLC. And Kandi even posted her T-Boz correspondence on Instagram, though Tionne didn’t worry to comment, like or acknowledge Kandi’s scream out.

I change from only normal ol me to a chocolate #Tboz in 10min flat! Thanks @sewjodie for creation a wigs @hair4kicks for styling them so quickly! @beautybybeyina we rocked a makeup! Oh #noigjeremy we styled me perfectly! 😘watch #HipHopHonors tonight during 9pm Est on @vh1

A post common by Kandi Burruss (@kandi) on Sep 18, 2017 during 3:33pm PDT

Instead, T-Boz took to Twitter block another TLC co-writer that she favourite better:

Ok, Tionne. We don’t know this foreigner lady whose Soundcloud you’re posting and we don’t know or commend whatever a ruin she wrote for y’all, though we sight your petty.

God doesn’t like nauseous or enviousness and T-Boz and LeLee should stop worrying about others removing gleam and worry about being improved people. What is meant for we is meant for you, what isn’t meant for we isn’t.

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